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Benedict Cumberbatch in After the Dance

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An Edit a DayBenedict Cumberbatch ⚜ [266/?]
Anonymous: there have been some stupid articles going around claiming that ben has a girlfriend but he's keeping it under wraps, i mosy certainly dont believe the articles since they seem feeble and the sites theyre on are not thrustworthy, but i wanted your opinion? do you think its true?

I’m not going to publicly discuss anything about his private life he hasn’t mentioned himself on this blog, but that stuff is all just clickbait, pure and simple. They make up a bullshit article because they know he has a lot of loyal fans there’ll be people who click on the article and give them their pageviews/money. 

And RE: that article in particular; they’re so damn vague (“a source has said”, “not a famous person”) that I’m about 90% sure I might be in a relationship with Benedict Cumberbatch. ;)

"And the ‘Shirt of Sex,’ as Benedict himself dubbed it when we met him, was equally an obvious choice."

-  Mark Andrews, co-director of Big Chief Studios, talking about creating the ‘Sherlock’ collector dolls (x)


One happy customer Benedict Cumberbatch together with one of our seaplane pilots .. 

Anonymous: does benedict cumberbatch always wear the same clothes to fan stuff. because during the 2 australia panels and when he went to japan I'm almost positive he wore the same thing. am I wrong?

100% true. Benedict is in fact allergic to any shirt that is not chambray. 

He has a couple of those blue shirts, take a closer look at the buttons. :)


Guess who? Sydney Bridge Climb via @bertilak  Well done on the perfect heart. 

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