Am I the only person who really likes Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Supernatural, but dislikes the idea of Superwholock?

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  1. purifyingdeath answered: nah you’re not the only one
  2. that-one-guy-with-the-things answered: yes.
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  4. asgardianstorm-old answered: you’re not the only one, i dont mind some of the parallels but overall….nope
  5. my-life-as-nafela answered: not even almost. i think it’s more for comedy purposes, however.
  6. karenbluecheese answered: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!
  7. doctor-watsonholmes said: Agree!
  8. applepiebaker answered: as like i wanted a moffat near my supernatural
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  10. lizzieborednow answered: no you aren’t alone. i made a post about this on my other blog yesterday
  11. emmef203 answered: Simple answer: no, you aren’t!
  12. anothermindpalace said: Me too
  13. leviosa888 answered: nope.
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